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    . . 室內設計軟體 . . 小紅花





  • Hello

    For a professional interior designer


    REDCAD is a professional interior design drawing system

    CAD Software

    Draw 2D & 3D Stairs

    For ZwCAD



    Block library


    2D to 3D


    Redcad will not only promote his/her design effciency,

    but also provide a qualify design. It's simple,

    easy-to-use, and fast.














    室內設計軟體 Redcad 小紅花軟體 相關內容:

    室內裝修軟體 ' 室內設計軟體推薦 ' BBCad ' 空間設計裝潢軟體 ' 室內設計軟體有哪些 ' 裝潢設計軟體 ' 室內設計軟體教學 '電腦繪圖軟件 ' 室內裝修裝潢繪圖軟體












    好學好用的室內設計繪圖軟體' 簡易的操作介面 ' 裝潢設計公司 ' 櫥櫃廚具系統 ' 3D透視圖服務 ' 室內設計相關行業 ' 室內設計公司 ' 平面圖轉3D透視圖 ' 代客繪製透視圖服務 ' 3D軟體' 裝潢傢俱 ' 建材業' 系統傢俱 ' 辦公家具



  • Elevation

    Draw elevation drawing of various cabinets automatically


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    Index symbol


    With the sample provided,

    you can style and color you wall and pillar automatically.
    With powerful database management,

    you can save your own design such as sample furniture, terminology, font and so on...

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    Block library

    2D + 3D

    With different kind of tools for you to mark doors,windows and so on, it is a piece of cake to manipilate this software.

  • Calculate area

    Tool dialog box of transferring various plane drawings into perspective drawings

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    Door & Window

    Wooden Door ...

    Display Dialog BOX for other functions of creating door & window.

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    2D & 3D STAIRs

    Draw Elevator ...

    Draw 2D & 3D STAIRs automatically

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    Transparent 3D drawings

    2D drawing to 3D mould

    Transfers your drawings from 2D to 3D quickly with transparency from different view.